What is an example of a time when you recognized a celebrity and intentionally did not harass them and they noticeably appreciated it?

Ok, thank you

Love it

I have multiple stories cause Im a fucking introvert

Matt Damon at the gym. Noticed him doing some fucking hard core Jason Born interval training. Nodded at him. he did thumbs up

Jessica Chastain outsider a broadway theatre on the cell phone. Looked at her he gave me the nod and smile, I walked on

Mr big from sex and the city forget his name but he gave me a $400m smile as I walked by him outside his apartment. In fact he's a fucking sweetie to the staff at his apartment

Bob Moynihan on 46th st in NYC gave me the nod when I walked by staring at him but not saying anything. Fucking legend

Lets not harass our people. Keep it on the down low. its better

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