What is an unexplainable memory from your childhood?

When I was about 4 I came down with mesenteric adenitis and spent about a week in hospital. During this time I got used to doctors poking and prodding me and doing various tests. Sometimes my parents were with me, sometimes they weren’t. I have this one clear memory of lying in the hospital bed with my pants down while a male doctor examined my scrotum with one hand. He pressed and squeezed as though he was checking for lumps. I even remember the discomfort from the pressure. I don’t remember if my parents were there or not. I do clearly remember my little brother smiling at me while watching beside the bed, as though he thought it was funny, so if my parents weren’t there they mustn’t have been far away.

I didn’t pay this memory much attention until I was older and began to wonder why the doc was examining my scrotum, which I’m pretty sure was a part of me entirely unrelated to the illness. Obviously the possibility of sexual assault has popped up in my mind but given the circumstances I don’t think it is likely. Still, I don’t know what to make of this memory. Any ideas?

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