What is an unexplainable memory from your childhood?

My brother and I were watching cartoons, my grandma in the room with us. The TV wad next to the hallway so we could see down it.

At one point, I saw a body shaped shadow cross the hall from one room to another. Immediately, my brother said "grandma, a black man is in the back room" (not what you think, he was very young and it was the only way he could manage to explain what he saw, a black shadow) he saw it too. We went to the back rooms to check and found nothing. I popped out from behind a couch and scared my grandma, we thought nothing more of it.

Years later both my grandparents claim to have seen this shadow at various times, coming down the hall and into the basement, or moving about in the kitchen.

I don't believe in ghosts or spirits or anything of that sort and have no clue how to explain what we saw.

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