What is an unresolved mystery from YOUR home state/country/village that needs more publicity to be solved? Please note the region/area in your comment so that any Redditors with ties to that place will see it and perhaps share something. All types of mysteries in any part of the world are welcome.

The only unsolved mystery I can think of near me is an unexplained boom that happened last year. My windows shook and I thought something nearby had exploded.

I've posted about a few cases from where I grew up, outside of San Antonio. There's the case of Patty Vaughan, who disappeared after allegedly meeting with her husband, from whom she was estranged, and arguing with him about her new boyfriend. The husband is the main suspect, but there's no proof.

Another case is Monika Rizzo, and, again, her husband is the main suspect. It all began with an anonymous call to SAPD. The caller said that Monika was missing and Leonard, the husband, was responsible. Cops checked it out, but Leonard said she was gone and he was waiting for her to come back. They didn't search for any evidence of a crime. When they got a second call, saying there were bones in the backyard, they went back and this time found the bones scattered throughout the yard and even the BBQ pit. They also found a bag of human fat. The bones belonged to five people, according to the first report. No, wait, just one - Monika. Yet, hubby was never charged. Years later, he had a new girlfriend, and even though he threatened to kill her, just like he did his wife, he still was never charged in his wife's death.

There's also the case of missing teenager Nicholas Barclay. He could have been a runaway or been abducted. However, a few years after he disappeared, when he would have been about 16, the family received news that their son may have been found in Spain. They took their "son" in, but noticed strange things, such as their son was no longer blond and blue-eyed, but now had dark hair and eyes. He also now spoke with a strong French accent. Turns out their son was not an American teenager, but was 23-year-old Frenchman Frederic Pierre Bourdin. After Bourdin was arrested and returned to Europe, he went on to pretend to be more people, mostly teenagers, and became the subject of the documentary The Imposter). We still do not know what happened to Nicholas.

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