What is Andrew Yang's plan for Black America?

Well if you're talking strictly the content of his interviews and speeches, this is the gist. He is morally in favor, but unlike other Dem Candidates, realistic about the prospects of giving African Americans reparations for slavery. I think for him the Freedom Dividend will count as such. He has acknowledged issues such as criminalizing nonviolent drug offenders, the undrinkable water supply in many black communities, (Flint is not an isolated incident) and being that his main platform is economics in a recent speech he cited a Guardian article about how the Median Wealth of African Americans by 2050 will be 0. Again with the last point, another dimension to his argument for the freedom dividend. So he does care, but tbh I'll let you make of it what you will. Politics is politics, he'll be held to duties beyond race and even as an Asian I don't know how much Andrew will really do for the Asian community. To me, he's just like what Obama was for the Black Community, in that he was a symbol. But even for the Black community I would say its fair to characterize Obama's track record as being mixed at best.

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