What anime first made you "feel" a certain way?

Binge-watched only a couple anime this past year. Haven't been in the best mental state because of something that happened, so I've been mostly 'going it alone' as of late unfortunately.

Anyways, I watched all of Toradora (I didn't even realize that watching it is a yearly thing for this subreddit). Probably a bad decision, but in the end it gave me hope and made me feel somewhat better about what the future could hold.

Then I made the "mistake" of watching Clannad and Clannad: After Story. I'm still recuperating from that show. It really hit me hard and hit home. I suppose I am glad I watched it though. It did make me smile a lot more than it did cry, but when it did make me cry it was almost too much for me to handle. I've certainly thought about my future a lot and I've already set in motion plans for change, because of everything I saw.

I watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. That was a nice change of pace and certainly brought my spirits up. Honestly this one was probably my favorites of all of them. It kind of made me feel how the main character felt.

I ended up enjoying this show [Haruhi] enough to talk about it in detail, rare...

It was difficult to watch at first, but it slowly began to grow on me. Okay, I'll be honest. I really hated it for a while as I was watching it, because in my opinion, it's fucking retarded until you've seen the movie.

Truthfully... I wish the movie came before the whole pointless-ass show, but you wouldn't know what the hell is happening in the movie without the other episodes. The episodes are also unfortunately really good for character development and give the movie a purpose.

The show is good... but stupid and pointless at the same time.

As I said before, I honestly felt like the fucking main character of the show. How do I explain what I mean? I guess it'd be: This guy who's forced into observing and/or participating (in his case) all this random-ass shit that the rest of the characters in the show engage in and eventually I just got hooked on it because it gave me something to observe that wasn't boring or typical. You honestly never know what's going to happen in the show. That is, until you do know. Then you get pissed off because that's just boring... and normal -- The whole point of the show. I like it the more I think about it.

Finally, I ended up re-watching K-On!/!!, because I hadn't ever gotten around to seeing the movie, and I wanted to make sure I remembered everything that happened. I love that show and how happy it makes me feel. Probably my biggest guilty pleasure. It definitely cheered me up.

In the end, I'm much more positive and have the drive to move forward with some major life changes now. Any time I might think of being afraid of change, quitting or giving up, I'll think of these shows as a reminder (be it grim or otherwise) of what can happen if I let those feelings wash over me.

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