What are you the 1% of?

Wait, that's an allergy? I always thought that your skin going red when your body temp changes to unsuitable levels was natural... You know, blood rushing or getting stuck...

Thing is, I noticed that it's a lot easier for my body to redden after heating then to redden after freezing, my skin only goes red from freezing in autumn and winter when I'm outside and not dressed enough.

But my body overheats to redness basically everyday because my body is really bad at cooling itself, wearing a suit indoors in spring/summer is enough to make me suffer so hard I wanna die.

And yes I do sweat, at abnormal levels even, but it doesn't do anything, it just makes my body all wet and sticky after a few minutes, it doesn't cool me down.

I know there is definitely something wrong with my body relating to temperature, but I don't know what it is exactly.

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