What are the best ways to become a morning person?

Tl;dr: Hate.

I found that my biggest problem was I didn't have nearly enough hate in my life.

I usually work from home, so I love to sleep in.

Sometimes, meet people for a lunch that I love that is terrible for me.

Order something for dinner, then stay up late playing games or watching shows that I love.

Then I accepted more hate into my heart, and things improved.

I hate waking up at 6:00am, but I do it.

God, I hate showering AND taking the dog out before the sun rises, but I started doing it.

I hate eating a healthy breakfast of crap like yogurt and oatmeal, but I do it.

I hate turning the TV off, knowing there's a show I want to watch, but I need 6-8 hours of sleep now.

So, after a few months of hating every part of my day - I feel a lot better in the morning.

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