What are big no-nos for interacting with professors

A big one is to call people by their preferred titles. Don't call female professors "Miss" or "Teacher." Call people Dr., Professor, or by their preferred name/title.

When emailing professors, make it as easy as possible for the prof to help you. List out everything you've done to figure out the problem and state what you think the possible answer is, but say that you'd like some clarification. Also, include specific details about the class and section you are in.

Don't assume that professors are available 24/7. Just because you see them somewhere, it doesn't mean they are "on the clock." I've had students try to follow me into the bathroom to ask me questions. Students sometimes see me shopping somewhere and will start asking a ton of questions about assignments. Work should stay at work (i.e. office hours or schedule an appointment). We need breaks, too!

Most importantly...don't bullshit a bullshitter. Many of us can easily tell when students try to lie or manipulate us. Just be honest and straightforward. I appreciate the students who flat out tell me they procrastinated too much or didn't manage their time well. I'm here to help them learn...I must use fair policies, but I will not judge students who have a hard time with time management. I'm here to help them learn! But it's hard to work with people who constantly have an elaborate excuse and never hold themselves accountable.

These tips will be helpful in your professional career. The same tips are applicable to how you should treat any colleagues or employers in the future.

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