What are you currently taking for granite?

ayy ohh woah alright boys I'll take this discussion from here. Seeing lots of Rick and Morty references in the comments right now so that's pretty autistic. Anyway to answer the question at hand here, we're all taking internet porn for granite. There's just so much of it, and for free... we got interracial, orgy, cuckolding, everything. Shame that if you watch any of those genres, you're fucking gay. Or at least I feel pretty gay when I'm about to fire a load and the camera switches to the guy, nah forget that I'm not poppin off to a picture of a guy, that's fucking gay? "Straight" porn MY ASS. That's why I only watch lesbian porn and POV so there's no men on screen during my vinegar strokes. Only problem with POV is that the guy's dick is only like 9 inches long and I can't suspend my disbelief far enough to relate to that. Another problem is that these bitches make WAYYYY 2 much eye contact for my liking. Like come on, I can barely manage to look up from the counter when I'm buying mega sized condoms at 7/11 and u want me to hold eye contact while you tell me how much u love me? nah fuck that I have issues with handling intimacy from suppressing thoughts about how hot my cousin used 2 be. for real though her jugs were fire and it caused massive confusion for me growing up. TLDR; : dude imagine if there was no porn on the internet and you had to rely on magazines like when ur dad was a kid. Honestly though how the hell did they even manage to crank one out back then without breaking the bank? there's pretty much infinite porn on the here for free these days and I can still barely get it up within an hour of watching xXXtreme lezdom, so how the hell did those little fuckers get the nut from looking at page 4 of "bikinis weekly?" I'm 27 years old

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