What are the deeper implications of "For the Uniform" DS9?

I think this is one of those things that just comes down to the writing. The Star Fleet of DS9 is pretty different than the Star Fleet of TNG. Both of those shows had their own moral outlook and they had Star Fleet and their characters act accordingly. TNG wanted to show that people had become more reasonable and could solve problems without resorting to violence, DS9 was a reaction to that, the other side of that coin, and wanted to show that you can't get around getting your hands dirty sometimes and the dark side will always be there.

Since they are creating their own world, they have the benefit of just being able to write their own situations, responses, and outcomes. So they just write characters that have the traits they see as laudable or necessary, and then write situations that call for the kind of actions they want and good outcomes to justify those actions. I think both series lean a little too far in each direction, but DS9 is more realistic.

TNG is much too pacifistic to be real, for example the Federation doesn't keep a real fighting force, just "ships of exploration" and basically bets it's life that it can solve any problem with reason and that it never runs into somebody like the Dominion who just plain wants to destroy them and is powerful enough to do it. We get an episode where we debate about turning a Borg into a weapon to destroy all Borg, but "luckily" not a Borg race that's actually capable of destroying the federation which would make us think Picard was an stone cold idiot for not ending it when he had the chance. We see that the Borg can also be saved and taught to be individuals and so we are meant to learn to see our enemies as people to pity and learn to understand, as opposed to DS9 where we see that even a Jem Hadar raised by the federation can't suppress his natural desire for violence.

On the other hand, Sisko doing stuff like rendering planets uninhabitable by himself and fabricating his own evidence to trick the Romulans into the war using some dude that Quark happened to know or something is very reckless and it's not really believable that any government would give one man that power to do that stuff. In reality you'd have to deal with the possibility of the Maquis considering the Federation an enemy and retaliating with terrorist attacks or going after Sisko himself but in DS9 it's tied up pretty neatly. The whole idea of Section 31 from DS9 pretty much trashes the Federation as it existed before as well. The federation was supposedly a utopia and TNG even starts and ends with Q judging humans on wether they can handle themselves and not act like barbarians and Section 31 means that the federation was actually doing underhanded stuff whenever it suited their interests the whole time.

So anyway to answer your question I'd say the Star Fleet of DS9 would let it slide, the Star Fleet of TNG would put him in prison.

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