What are the do's and don'ts when starting a new job?

I got fired because I requested an apology from a peer who made my wife cry because apparently she had already been reprimanded; never mind the fact that the company gave me multiple jobs outside my job description despite known medical conditions and work excellence in the other departments where those conditions weren't exacerbated. I told HR that I was not able to be in the conditions they put me in and they left me there until they could find a reason to fire me, because last time they moved my job position they created a such a toxic environment I nearly killed myself and that wouldn't have looked good for business. HR is not your friend, they do not care about you. I appreciate that you do, but you're a rarity. Most HR departments are people on power trips, or people who will take advantage of your work ethic and toss you away when they're done with you.

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