What are entps like when they’re in love?

The more I think about this question the more I realize what I considered to be love wasn't really that, at least in my interpretation of what love is. Frankly I don't think it exists, the way that it's portrayed to everyone. Can it be passionate and aggressive and awesome?

Sure. But there's a price to pay.

You have to dedicate more time to someone other than yourself, have to put a hold on things you want to do at the drop of a hat, and then there is the whole slew of emotional baggage and maintenance to deal with, multiple conversations that drain your energy, etc.

I don't think love is real in the send that it's a feeling that lasts forever. I think love is a state of mind that requires conscious input from both people, to maintain, repair and bolster that state of mind every single day.

Now as for what it's like, from the... I don't even know how to describe it other than as a simulation, it's pretty damn fun.

There's downsides, but if we go off my interpretation this person didn't drain my energy, consistently kept up with and pushed and encouraged new ideas and outlets for my creativity and participated with them as a way of showing that they cared. On the other side I was more attentive, constantly finding new activities to do with them, I had fun in large spurts of time and it just seems to all melt and bleed into a happy miasma of pleasant thoughts and feelings, things I wouldn't access on a normal day by myself because those feelings are usually just bland or downright boring and useless.

My mindset at the time was odd to me. I would think about them all the time, and flash back to happy memories and the like. It was like someone had put a filter over how I saw things, rather than me seeing them for what they were, but it didn't matter. I realized it right away, but the same day i was running scenarios through my mind, possible outcomes from x, y, and z actions.

It was fun but it wasn't meant to last. Fast. Fleeting. It hits hard, swells out of control, and then dies down without constant work, and when it hits that stage boredom sets in. For me at least.

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