What are you go-to motivational BF clips?

Osvaldo one of many. have seen very few people with cleaner and smoother form. in pretty much any move

Yuri van gelder. the legend
granted, he's a little more than just your elite callisthenic athlete. but how could you not appreciate. when it comes to Olympic gymnasts mens ring event- hes arguably the strongest ever. honestly, the more you train, the more you realize just how absurd this guy is (I mean all gymnasts are insane athletes)

theres a lot honestly, but Hannibal for king is a classic. arguably the guy who launched the callisthenic movement. ive come across countless people who credit their inspiration to him. hes not as flashy as the others...prob isn't even as strong when you start to see whos on the elite level, but he's the og. guy was posting to youtube like 15-20years ago, way before it became popular. first person ive ever seen do a humanflag. was awesome to see. not to mention hes in his like mid40s...and weighs over 200lbs. so its hard to not draw inspiration from that
theres a bunch

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