What are you guys currently writing? [Upvote the book ideas that you'd read]

About once a year I decide that I'm going to try and write a novel, and I come up with the idea, design my characters, and then I decide it is stupid and I lose all motivation.

Well last night, after drinking a bit, I decide that I want to write again, and brainstorm an idea. I'm a big fan of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and Kurt Vonnegut, and like science fiction, just to give you an idea of where my mind is in writing this.

The idea is that in coming centuries, space exploration has become highly privatized, and one company in particular decides to send a man in a form of stasis to the heart of our galaxy to study the black hole there. (The technology for moving faster than light speed has been invented, but the trip still takes several hundred years at best.)

Well basically, after all these years of travel, he is forgotten about, and humans go extinct, and he's the last human, but has no way of returning to Earth. He comes out of stasis just in time to see his self crossing the event horizon of this black hole.

Well, instead of a black hole crushing him into nothingness, it instead shrinks him into an infinitely small being and he lands on top of the singularity, which, in his current size, is as large as a new planet to him. And on this singularity is an alien civilization. (This is very much like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," with the people living on a snowflake.)

So this race of things are super cute, and are the first alien life he's had contact with. He towers over them in size, and when one comes up to greet him, he goes on about how cute it is, and tickles it, causing it to explode into a ball of confetti. This is their weakness, and now he's in jail for murder.

Well, long story short, the leader of these people decides to set him free in order to use him as a weapon against another clan of aliens who they are at war with, and he goes on a tickling killing spree with a couple of alien side-kicks.

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