What are the kookiest conspiracy theories about COVID-19 that you’ve heard?

The one where they drag out the natural speed of the spread so it takes an indefinite amount of time to run its course. It seems like an open ended excuse to scare us into whatever. But Its for our own good so they take away our civil liberties, our connection with our loved ones and crash our entire fragile economy. Ironically they convinced us to beg for it. They pass bloated Bills in the middle of the night with secret agendas tacked on the end that have nothing to do with the health and actual wellbeing of us as a collective; lower/ middle class- United States citizens as a race of people. How many people a year die from smoking or car crashes? We just forget about Fukushima and Las Vegas or the dirty water coming out of the faucets in the ghetto and every other flavor of the week story MSM tells us to care about.

I’ll stay inside But I don’t trust the News or the Government blindly. How could anyone with half a brain do so after their track record?

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