What are logical fallacies done by TRP/MGTOW/Incels?

When women change their bad attitudes and their behavior and quit demonizing decent men, movements like MGTOW and TRP will die out due to a lack of perceived need - but not until. Women's decision to shit on quality men who wanted to marry them, and instead go bang hot assholes, caused men to decide to either leave the dating pool (MGTOW) or imitate the hot assholes (TRP). If being a jerk didn't lead to hot sex, no man would try to follow the TRP gameplan. Women need to own their creation of these movements, and their creation of incels. 30% of men didn't have sex at all last year - 30%!!! Why? Because women are too picky. Women of OKCupid rated 80% of men as "below average" in looks - which is statistically impossible. The situation is SO ridiculous, SO obvious, that a few non- Redpilled people have FINALLY begun to take a clue and say, "You know, maybe these men have a point. Maybe there IS a problem that's not being caused by MEN."

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