What are the most acclaimed anime that everyone like except of you?And why?

Too many to lists so I'll just post the top 10 ordered by fame (anilist)

  1. Death Note: I didn't find nothing interesting in the episodes I saw before the drop. I didn't like how, in order to make the characters to look smart, the author depicted everything else as dumb, so the ordinary could stand out as extraordinary. The few "smart moments" i saw were just convulsed, but not actually smart in any way. That being said, I dropped it early (don't remember the episode, it's been a while)

  2. HxH: I find action in movies boring. Action based anime are definitely not my thing for the same very reason. Dropped it very early when I noticed what it was about.

  3. Demon Slayer: Same explanation as HxH

  4. SAO: I don't find interesting a world that works according to the rules of JRPGs. I dropped it after the third episode, I think, due to some forced drama that didn't really do any favor to it.

  5. Promised Neverland: I found it predictable, which is a deadly blow for a mystery based story. I blame The Island.

  6. Re:Zero: Same explanation as SAO I guess.

  7. Jujutsu Kaisen: Same explanation as HxH

  8. Rascal Sempai: Being somehow an anthology I liked some stories, but for being a "coming of age" story it was too much dependent con anime tropes. Both the MCs, the little sister and pretty much most of the cast felt natural for being anime characters, but unnatural for being humans. And I can't care about the drama of people that I can't see as people.

  9. Kaguya-sama: Comedy is one of my favorite genre in anime, but I've never been a guy shy in love. In fact, I don't understand it. Therefore the entire comedy of this show simply flew over my head.

  10. Dr. Stone.: Same explanation as HxH

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