What are the most prominent racially based issues today and how can we collectively solve them?

Stopping people from using hate speech is my agenda, not stopping free speech. Free speech is also a very loose term anyway, as you can never say everything truly, there will always be censorship. I could speak my mind and try to share my views of an unpopular opinion and get removed/banned by others, you call this free?

Words that have historical links that bring up irrelevant hate into a vastly different society is a problem. Everybody wants to remove racism, but no one wants to take the first step. This IS the first step that gives no one an advantage and leaves no one at a disadvantage.

Not bringing up race at all would be ridiculous, as our race forms part of our natural and historical identity. people need to realise that whilst we are all human and the same species, we are all different, denying this will cripple imagination and stop advancement in social and cultural equity.

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