What are the next innovations Apple is currently working on ?

No, not so much. Apple executives like CEO Tim Cook have said that Apple is defined as much by what they choose to do, as by what they choose not to do. They have criteria for evaluating whether a project should be brought to market as a product. Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Jony Ive, and other Apple execs have talked about this philosophy in public events and interviews in the past.

Some of those criteria are whether or not they can make a product that doesn't suck to use. Apple wasn't first to market or even in the front of the pack with a music player, or a smartphone, or a smartwatch. They bring their products out when the technology and infrastructure are in place to make a good customer experience. The Apple Watch is a good example here - a lot of problems had to be solved in battery, processor power, even new metal alloys and fabrication techniques had to be worked out.

Apple also don't do a product for the opposite reason - something that's highly commoditized and doesn't suck too much already. The product has to be something that Apple can make not just small improvements over the pack, they want products where they can apply their design and technology teams to lift the product so far above it's current state of the art that it redefines the category. The original iPhone is a great example of this. It couldn't just be 10% better than the next competitor, they had to be an order of magnitude better.

It's never been Apple's thing to do big, spectacular but sort of head-scratching TED-talk like projects like WiFi via global balloon coverage. That isn't to say that Apple doesn't think about the public good on its products; on the contrary, they are the "greenest" major technology company around, with 100% renewable energy powering their plants, removing toxic materials from their products, and they've always had a strong interest in promoting education. ResearchKit also has tremendous potential, and Apple open-sourced it, so other platform vendors can build on it.

Apple does do fundamental tech R&D as well, but it's usually not overhyped, and almost always appears in support of a feature or a product. The taptic engine in the watch and the new laptop trackpads is a great example here. It's still quite new, but it has the potential to redefine the human interface to many sorts of digital devices over time, adding pressure-sensitivity to the traditional touch interface of a trackpad or touchscreen device.

So, we can't be sure of course, because Apple is famously secretive about their product plans, but I'd be surprised if there was an announcement along the lines of any of those things you put in your bullet list. Why don't we check in again in a year or two and see where those "gee whiz isn't this cool" products stands? I'll bet many of them are still only in planning phases, or stumbled early and faded away.

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