What are people’s view on the alleged 222 forced

Lmao, the classic answer. First of all i try to switch roles just to help my team out (i main mostly Dva but dont care if i have to play Ana for 20 games in row )as long as we have a decent team but nope. I even stay positive try to be friendly but nah. Hanzo,Widow,Ashe,Genji maybe Reaper too dont do their Jobs hide all game decide to push last 30 seconds get ulted and we lose the game. I heal them i call out tell em we would have a better chance if someone would go tank but nope. They join Teamchat dont even use their mic probably muted me too i go voice lines but nope ignored too.

Also Einstein, i dont have any friends who play this game bc they dont want to. Tried convincing them but once they saw instalocks(they know the game just dont wanna play it) went like nope. Added people after games invite them but theyre afk everytime. Added people through social media. Same with them. Created groups braindead dps mains go nope. Its a problem that the majority of players are DPS mains and 2-2-2 will change that, force em too. Bc once you go 15 mins as a DPS you either learn another role or dont play comp(which is for the good)

Second, you can take down a bastion easily if you know what to do and dont need a pharah,junkrat or Sombra. You can counter many things but nah lets stay 5 dps bc that worked out before.

Third please tell me how it wont fix the community sure there will be those assholes that you mention but rather than having 5 of em i wouldnt mind having 2 and they dont happen that often. They will be forced to stop one tricking and play other roles, which is 1.more fun 2. more useful. Rather than having a one trick Genji on my team i wouldnt mind him going Hog and the more they play them the better they get.

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