What are you reading? Untranslated edition

Everything I'm about to say pertains to my own perspective and experiences on SubaHibi, so this should all be taken with a grain of salt. Also, it's really long and contains major spoilers so I'm concealing it.

Here are my answers to you on those points you bring up as "A" and "B" (and C for the question on Zakuro).

which is by default given to every "complete" existence when born. So in a sense, it's saying that people who are born but end up broken can still grab an opportunity to be reborn, for all we have is our internal world. ")

I really hope that I was able to present this in the least convoluted way possible, but I understand my words here are already pretty much in category of being entirely "far-fetched/crazy". I guess think of this post as just a way to get thoughts flowing on the problems SubaHibi's mysteries raise. It's most definitely not as complicated as I make it sound with this sea of words, so I recommend to keep discussing it with other people and take a second or perhaps third look at everything. (Especially )

Now, as for the reason why I sound so confident and convinced in what appears to be just another subjective interpretation on the story (which it technically is, I understand). I think that SubaHibi's story, as an 'unsolved equation', most certainly has its entire answer embedded somewhere within the story. It's just in such a place that no one would ever think to look.

SubaHibi. Still don't recommend actually picking it up though. It's merely the previous version of RH2, Invention, and Insects, and then it ends. ")

Wow, that was terribly long and could've been trimmed. Anyways, I hope this, in some way, helps you on gaining more knowledge about SubaHibi. Otherwise, if you want to take the more 'fun' route, which is making connections in the story via the references and philosophy, then that's also an option for understanding the messages/themes/concept. It didn't really help me too much in understanding those (btw I only read Alice, Cyrano, Night on the Galactic Railroad, and a tiny portion of the Tractatus, so...), but it was fun for the time that I had in reading that stuff.

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