What are Republicans doing to help the homeless and how have they tried to help them in the past 40 years?

Tax breaks and bailouts for the rich, that is the mantra.

Maybe you should learn more about this before thinking this is what their economics program is about. GOP economic policies are much more about freeing the economy from excessive regulation by unelected government bureaucrats. This is far better for small business, which are the lifeblood of the economy. A lot of regulation was put there not to benefit health and safety, but to protect existing companies against competition.

I forgot to mention it earlier, but another way the GOP helps the homeless is by removing NIMBY regulation that limits or slows down the construction of new housing. If you look at which states have the most shortages of housing it is places like California, which the GOP has not controlled for a very long time.

> , conservative policies gives us a new war to go die in.

WTF? For most of US history, conservatives opposed getting involved in foreign wars while liberals pushed war. Today the main folks wanting to draw back from the Ukraine war are conservatives.

Please note I am NOT a conservative, but rather a moderate.

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