What are you sad to see become normal practice?

OK, I have a fucking problem with everyone in here bitching about ghosting and hear me out.

As someone who goes on a lot of bumble dates, I try to meet one new person a week; but I'm busy so I don't spend all week talking to them prior to the date because that shit gets old starting new every week. You can have a great online convo and just not click in person, it's happened to me dozens of times.

Here's my problem with people claiming they get ghosted... IMO it's not ghosting after one date. Online dating is a numbers game, everyone knows this. If we click, I'm going to try to setup a second date with you in person before we separate ways because I will be genuinely excited to see you again. If I don't get that feeling, then I'm not going to ask for a second date. If the girl asks for a second date or texts later to ask and you ignore, then yeah, you're a bit of a little bitch.

Second date is a little more of a commitment, but certainty doesn't have to be. I RARELY get to third dates unless I think I could be with that person so it's at this point that if you cut off communication after a third date then that's where I would consider it ghosting. Second date is a bit of a grey area and case by case scenario, but most of the first date rules apply because you don't owe anyone anything after a second date.

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