What are signs that your partner may cheat on you in the future?

  1. They see no problem with double standards in other aspects of your relationship (e.g. they expect you to engage attentively when they talk about their day but are unwilling to put in the effort to engage when you talk about yours)
  2. They are hostile to any interest you show in learning more about a part of their life you are less familiar with.
  3. They get extremely affectionate at random times or give you big gifts in ways that don't fit with their usual pattern. They are trying to assuage guilt or deflect suspicion.
  4. They bring up the person they are cheating with before you do so that they can control the narrative and head off questions in advance.
  5. If you have the stomach for some critical reflection: You have dismissed, ignored, belittled, or otherwise failed to address their attempt to tell you that they have an unmet need.
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