What are some BEGINNERS Ocarina 6 hole songs to practice with?

All ocarinas are going to sound different, so it's not as if you're going to be able to play along.

Learn your 6 hole ocarina by applying combanitorics. 6 holes, each can be either open/closed. That means you have a total of 64 possible fingering combinations. It's doubtful all combinations will be musically useful, but start by finding and playing all of them.

Once you have, arrange the fingerings in order, either from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. Playing through all (musically useful) fingerings in this order will be a scale. Practice playing it all the way up and down.

Once you've got that down, start playing the scale but skipping every other note. Repeat again until that's smooth. Then skip two, three, etc on up.

By the time you are doing this smoothly, you should be able to start picking out and rearranging the specific tones your ocarina can sound in a musically significant way. If you find yourself drawing a blank, simply return to practicing the patterns.

Et voila, you will learn your ocarina. Have fun.

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