What are some of the best WWE Network originals where you get a feel for the roster as people and not their personas? I really love Ride Alongs, but I've only just begun watching. What else should I search for?

Besides Elias, so far that I've seen, they're real with each other. No show is ever going to be real as if they're you're best friends. I have now seen in less than 5 episodes them openly talk about works and angles in a much less earnest way than they would if they thought they were on the big shows.

I almost get annoyed with how much people fawn over Bullet Club here because on WWE TV I see like zero chemistry or jack shit that makes me think they even know each other. Ride Along with Bullet Club was probably the funniest shit I have ever seen. Their mockery of AJ's accent, and many others' accents as well... their stories. That one story about the dude falling through the roof. That's the funniest shit I've ever seen WWE-wise.

Alexa and Braun were a really cool and funny duo. Braun sharing his story about the POO MAP. I mean come on. If you only watch WWE you are only lead to believe BRAUN SMASH. That he'd be a meticulous enough dope to pin down where every POO he ever took was. You KNOW he'd only be doing that if he was working a job like WWE. One day he was like "I'm travelling the world, I can do this." Like wtf? That's so oddly quirky but.. honestly, after all the poo discussions I've had with my buddies growing up thru the college days, well into our marriages, and even now our "startin' to get old as fuck" years as our kids start hitting double digits. It's understandable and humanizing. And THAT is entertaining.

I loved watching the "Miztery Tour," man talk about a group of guys I just never really was interested in or got behind. Not because they were heels, but for whatever reason I just wasn't connecting. I saw that limo ride and instantly found it MUST SEE TV. Just as Miz always said. The genius bastard.

Plus Curtis Axel ripping that big juicy fart and blaming it on Bo Dallas only for Bo to blame it on "unseen crew," that was astoundingly hilarious.

No one you will EVER see on TV will be "The real them," but that's like saying people you meet in real life ARE "the real them." They're not. That sweet ol' granny you meet at the store isn't being "the real her," she's putting on a face. This is about as close to "real" as fans can get. Is all I'm saying. Real granny at the super market probably puts on a pair of comfy PJ's, tosses her bra, and lights up a damn smoke or something when she's not in the public eye. Everyone is that way.

Seeing these professionals hang out, giggle like little children at stupid jokes, and smash kayfabe as they talk shit about real off screen experiences is actually very refreshing for some of us. I'd spend at least 100 bucks for a DVD of DDP and String from circa 1997 to see them riding in a car together talking shit about the business and others in it, or sharing embarrassing personal stories, etc.

Also, watching Xavier, as "tiny" as he looks on screen is likely HUGE IRL enough you'd run your ass away, and watching him and Big E smash those omelettes was pretty entertaining. Also Kofi getting super pissed about a chunk of egg shail the size of a hair molecule LOL.

Sorry, I just really like this shit. I love seeing the bull shit, the friendship, the jokes, the stories, etc. This part is the most real you have or EVER will see these people unless you crawl up their asses and live with them.

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