What are some of the best ways to reduce Extremism in the Muslim world and culture?

OK, perhaps it's not the oil. But there is an overwhelming feeling of rage and powerlessness in the middle-east, Afghanistan and Pakistan about US-led interventionism. /u/liberationation is spot on when they say that "stop fucking with the middle-east." Bernie and Trump supporters in the US complain about how government the doesn't prioritize their interests, but in the middle-east, Pakistan and Afghanistan, this problem is like a 100X worse.

I spent sometime trying to learn Pashto for fun and so spent some time on Pashto forums. It was eye-opening. Pukhtoons in Pakistan are filled with overwhelming rage against the Pakistani government for selling out to American interests by permitting drone strikes and missile attacks against fellow Pukhtoons. It's the same in places like Saudi Arabia where a totally unaccountable royal family does whatever the fuck they want, and there's no ability to get rid of them because they're supported by the US.

Also, do you disagree that Islamism is mainly coming from the middle-east/Pakistan and Afghanistan? There isn't much terrorism coming out Indonesia, Malaysia, India (which has something like 200m muslims), and even the Turkic countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and so on.

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