What are some of the biggest blockbuster trades in your league to date!

Just yesterday I traded David Johnson, Jordan Howard, and Zach Ertz for Tyreek Hill.

I'm pretty happy about trading away two declining/injury prone rbs that had me really worried in December about my teams future. Luckily, free agency put them both in better fantasy positions, so I immediately pulled the trigger. I believe both of their values are up from last year and they could be viable RB1/2's for around 2 years or so. BUT that's if DJ does have something left in the tank and if MIA doesn't draft an early round rb. I feel that both players are currently at their peak highest value that they'll ever be worth again because of their new teams and the fact that the NFL draft hasn't taken place yet. As for Ertz, I still love the guy a lot, but Goedert is right behind him and Ertz isn't getting any younger. Plus I have mark Andrew's. The dude I traded has Michael Thomas, so his WR depth is okay but his starting rbs were damien Williams, devonta Freeman, Brian hill and mostert. His TE was Njoku. I feel we both got better. Biggest trade in my dynasty league's history so far

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