What are some common and popular quotes/sayings that people use incorrectly?

A radio show asked its listeners 'what makes them happy' and was taking in callers. So this guy calls in and said that his wife and kids made him happy. The RJ was like 'awww' and asked him to talk about it. Now this is India, and as is with most Indians who know English but didn't exactly grow up with it and/or didn't learn the international English lingo, things were prone to get screwed up in translation. So this guy starts to elaborate rather dramatically with his thick Indian accent how he adores his wife and enjoys making love with his wife. I could feel the radio station go silent and I myself was like 'wtf!', I think all the listeners of the show probably did. I, and I'm sure even the RJ, wasn't sure if he was actually talking about enjoying sticking his dingle in his wife. He went on to say that he enjoys waking up in the morning and being the first to make love with his children. Now I'm crying in laughter and I can only assume the RJ was also rolling on the floor presumable half dead. The guy is still talking about how everyone should make love to their family everyday. I obviously couldn't take it, and could only thank the divine being that had me in traffic or else I would have crashed from not being able to control myself from laughing. The RJ was clearly suppressing every urge to laugh her ass off but she held herself and promptly told thank you to the caller and apologized to the other listeners for the transliteration on the callers part. Made my day.

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