What are some good tips for anyone who just got into the dating game for the first time?

Yeah, I've got that base covered. The problem isn't really getting the dates, it's more the protocol after and in between. I was hoping to stimulate some general discussion, but I can give you some detail about what has happened so far. It's not an issue right now but sometimes I'm wondering whether something is expected of me, ie. clarify the situation etc.

I just moved to a new place and has sort of gone with the flow and so far I've met some people off Tinder, one of which ended home at my place; not too interested in anything more and haven talked since. Another girl I met on a party, we've been chatting on and off since. The second time we met at a party it was pretty obvious that she was hitting on me and I went with it. The week after she was at a party nearby (I was home working) and she dropped by and spent the night. I'm not really interested in anything more and like it the way it is, and in this case I sometimes wonder whether I should bring up how I see the situation or not; we haven't really talked much about it, and I'm here temporary so to me it seems obvious that it won't become anything serious.

I've also had a more "classic" date. I chatted with her, she seemed cool so I asked for her number (I would honestly like to get to know her even if it were nonromantic, as I'm new to the place and she seemed pretty awesome). She was also new to the place so I invited her to explore the city a couple of days later and we had a nice dinner with wine and ended up at a bar. Ended with kissing and taxi to our separate places. I'm seeing her again, but she is currently out of town. Much more romantically interested in this girl.

So at the moment I'm waiting for a second date with one girl and seem to have some sort of unclarified fuck-friend thing going on with another.

Should I feel obligated to clarify to the first girl that this isn't going to become anything more than it currently is, or just continue the way we do and take that conversation if I feel she wants to escalate things? (We haven't met sober, but she chats with me fairly often)

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