What are some helpful personal hygiene tips?

-Baby wipes are great to give you that "extra clean" feeling after going to the bathroom; just don't flush them, even if they say they're flushable. -Remember when you're showering to scrub behind your ears, between your toes, your belly button, etc. Might seem like common sense to some but I've met people who thought just "letting the water flow over them" was fine. Those can be some smelly places; use soap. -Scrub your tongue when you brush your teeth. Some toothbrushes come with a textured backside opposite the bristles for this. If not, you can buy a tool for tongue scrubbing. -Clean out from underneath your fingernails. You get a lot of gunk under there throughout the day. -If you have piercings, even if they're older, please, for the love of god, clean them regularly and properly, along with jewelry. -Make sure your undergarments aren't too tight and are a breathable material. Cotton is good. -If you have pets, be a little more conscious when dealing with your clothes. Going noseblind is a thing - I have four cats and two dogs, one of whom is a heavy shedder. Trust me, the animal odor (not urine or anything, just the smell of animal) can linger. Lint roll your clothes before you wash them. Lent roll them again after if you need to. Don't wear clothes your animals have laid on or that have had excessive exposure to them. Look for washing detergents that help with pet odors.

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