What Are Some Ignorant Mindsets Within The Anime Community That Need To Die?

Your last point doesn't sit quite as well as your first point.

Having watched a lot gives you a wider perspective, especially if you can step back a bit and make recommendations objectively. Having a 5 page MAL means you've been around the block, and have sampled a wide variety. It doesn't mean that someone with a 10-anime list is wrong, not by any stretch, but that the person with 5 pages has seen a lot more of what's out there and has a larger pool to base a comparison.

Look at it this way. You ask 2 people what the best ice cream there is. Someone who's only had chocolate and vanilla says, "Chocolate." Someone who's had 100 different flavors says, "Chocolate." You're going to give the more experienced ice cream connoisseur's opinion more weight. Even though they arrived at the same conclusion, you'll trust the second guy before the first because of the sheer amount of experience they have with ice cream.

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