What are some of the more subtle clues that a news outlet has malicious/propagandistic intent?

Fox definitely does ridicule the left a lot when giving "their side" "coverage." Tucker Carlson is of course the main person who does this. He invites someone to provide a left-sided perspective on a topic, and then he talks over them and interrupts them and turns it into a joke.

To me, personally, it's entertainment. I don't inform myself via Fox news. I actually check r/politics, look at what the left is saying has happened in the last day or so, and then I look up other perspectives.

On the flipside, what I see with CNN and MSNBC is that they report things with omissions, while not technically lying, to produce information that will always sway the viewer to err on their perspective. As a small example, I will refer to the infamous Jim Acosta V. Trump press briefing. I watched it live. Trump gave eloquent opening remarks about the midterms and congratulated the winners, then began speaking about the importance of border security (as he has done almost every day since then). He didn't speak long before he opened the floor to questions, and then you guys know the rest. But instead of providing coverage of everything that was talked about, it became all about what Trump did to Jim Acosta, and by extension, became all about what Jim Acosta "challenged" (not a question) Trump on, which was something about calling the migrant caravan dangerous and how racist it was or something.

From the perspective of the right, this occurrence and many others are obvious dodges or diversions from what the real topic is.

"Trump is making a simple, but valid point about something? Can we get away with calling it racist? Ok... Roll it." And then hope everyone forgets what actually happened.

Any time a Trump supporter sees a left-leaning individual respond to anything as "racist," it is an admission of defeat, because we know that we are not racist, and Trump knows that he is not racist.

Sorry this was all scattered ranting. Hopefully it was coherent enough for someone to understand why we call it fake news.

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