What are some personality traits of those who maintain a long-term high-libido relationship with their partner?

I see what you’re trying to and think it’s valuable to have healthy mindsets. Becoming involved with emotionally available people who can communicate and don’t avoid it is probably the biggest green flag for an LTR re: sex or whatever else.

Being aware that certain thoughts and activities can impede a healthy sex life (you said having a body positive mindset. This is what I mean. There are things you can DO to cultivate this).

Not getting butthurt and passive aggressive would be another.

But so much of what makes my current partner and I need to cum together or alone several times a day are things out of our control and would be seen as mentally unhealthy and undesirable in a partner including mental illness.

I think a high (not normal) sex drive, for some people, comes naturally from physiological reasons that can’t be controlled for or easily replicated/sustained with mindset.

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