What are some “problematic” opinions you have?

Presently in a huge argument with my wife and daughter about how men's and women's sports don't have to be segregated but that there is a reason there is only 1 girl in the men's lacrosse league my daughter wants to play in. And my daughter should have to try out.

Basically, blah blah blah, girls are allowed to play in this league without trying out. I disagree with this to a very extreme degree mostly because I played lacrosse. In the same league. And I got my ass completely handed to me by a woman. Like, knocked the fuck out, bull dodged, destroyed. That girl had to try out. I know that because this happed in a try out.

My daughter is not that person and she should have to try out so that she isn't put in a situation, in a game, where she will get really, really hurt.

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