What are some questions that you have been wanting to know the answer to?

There's many, typing it out would be silly as you can just view them with click of a button, I don't understand this logic as these are bible references.

I'm not attacking anyone or the doctrine, this claim has no basis, I had simply questioned something, received an answer, and even if I disagree with it its fine its still an answer. My beliefs aside, I've only been referencing the Bible and Jesus. Furthermore my posts are not arguing with anyone, it's literally discussing the facts and only the facts, people want to try and initiate arguments in which I don't engage as that's not the point. The point is not to argue and change people's mind, the point is simply to discuss these valid real contextual verses in the bible as well as the truths in the bible about Jesus. It's a genuine honest discussion. I don't have a stance, I have a discussion that's open and unbiased. My question was answered yesterday, so it's no longer a question, more so just discussion at this point. It's the other way around, people are attacking from a biased pov and trying to disprove verses using other verses, while not addressing that the Bible is telling the truth on those topics.

Yeah you can hold on to your beliefs, that's a human right, same for me, same for everyone, but at the same time it's not fair to not face the facts and the truths in the verses.

If you're not willing to view the sources and links given, and if you're not willing to read the discussion and address the valid points made. Then there's not really any discussion to be had, that would just be initiating an argument which is pointless. So feel free not to engage if you don't want to, I'm not forcing or imposing on anyone, everything I mentioned is from the christianity faith.

This point here you make is wrong, look at Yusuf Estes, used to be a devout Christian, youtube linguistics of the word Allah. It truly is one and the same God, there is no other God. If you're willing to view this source to, this could then become a topic of discussion where I can bring more valid points from Christianity that's worth discussing as it proves this.

I don't have anything against anyone or their faith, but it's said to see the Christian community not acknowledge truths from their own books, not acknowledge links that sources the Bible, frame curious people willing to discuss like myself as evil or haters or arguers when none of that's true. Based on my experience the sub is filled with people that don't enter open discussions but spread hate and bias, that's a sad situation. And all of what you mentioned about me and my intention isn't true, so it comes off as an attack, that's sad.

Regardless the post was viewed by over 2.1k people, I have a few interesting dms from people actually interested in discussion, few are very devout, but are intrigued as the Bible makes sense on the topics I discussed in the post. So feel free to ignore the discussion, no problem. Peace.

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