What are some recognizable steps and general ways to make friends as an outsider in your country?

  • Partake in social life. For example, volunteer in charity organizations or help with the so-called "Saturday work" when people gather trash or maintain public places.

  • Do sports (something other than a gym; people don't like to be approached or distracted in a gym, but martial arts or team sports are fine).

  • Volunteer as a native speaker for students of your native language. If you don't give off a creepy vibe, people will appreciate you even if you're socially clumsy.

  • DON'T look for friends in night clubs and bars. Connections made in these circumstances are usually superficial. Many people believe that foreigners are clueless and desperate in Ukraine, and will pay for everybody's drinks/taxi.

    Like, any taxi driver in a city has seen a wet shirtless foreigner who's regressed to being a T-Rex, so that the reputation you'd need to overcome.

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