What are some secrets about the company you work for?


Management can be vindictive. That or nonsensical.

I’ve put in more time than anyone and love what I do a lot more than anyone. I’m the only one that’s indicated I was planning to stay more than just a year or two.. I’d be theirs until I could make writing a full-time career.

Found out this year that I would not be reprising my role in one of the shows I did last year (one that I’ve indicated I love) despite me:

  • Being the only performer in the group who was excited that we were running that show another year

  • Knowing the full choreography for one of the main characters and being familiar with the constraints of the stage we perform it on

  • Being perhaps the only performer who came in after shows with a smile on my face, excited by how that performance went because we mostly perform for children and families

  • Being the most reliable performer, as I loved what I was doing and never felt a need to “skip” work, since I’d genuinely enjoy it

I was going to be a non-performing backup. Oddly enough, the pandemic spared me from what could (and likely would) have been a very depressing year.

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