What are some solid points you can use when having a debate against an anti vaxxer/masker?

Depends on their reasoning for being stupid.

If it’s about the government tracking them, ask them if they have a drivers license, or a social security number, or if they keep their money in the bank, or if they have a passport, or ever tried to take out a loan, the government already knows everything about you, so that reasoning is retarded.

If they’re afraid of the vaccine not working, people still get pregnant while on birth control, you can still get std while wearing a condom, you can still have an asthma attack if you have an inhaler, you can still feel pain if you take ibuprofen, you can still sneeze if you take allergy pills. So that reasoning is retarded too.

The problem is they just don’t listen, they’re mentally stunted, and they cannot understand because they don’t want to. So it’s usually just talking to a brick wall, and it’s easier to just walk away

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