What are some things your parents have said to you in order to lower your self-esteem?

"You are weak." When confessed to them I was suicidal.

"You have so many freckles your face is ruined."

"I don't know what is wrong with my children. So and so's daughter has a house in [insert upper class neighborhood]." After I was laid off from work.

"You are a fat hog. All you ever do is eat and eat."

"You need to stop eating so you can look beautiful."

"You are abnormal." "Why can't you be like other girls?"

"Where is your brain? Unbelievable."

I am autistic. Years ago, I was overwhelmed so I crawled into a tub in the dark to feel safe. I was shaking and lost my capacity to speak. One person found me and in screaming at me if I wanted to get hosed down with the shower or thrown in a mental institution.

One thing that bothers me the most was how I am shamed for having a large bust. People wanted me to wear smaller bras because large boobs make me "fat." A distant relative from Asia visited me once and he wouldn't stop making comments about how "large" I am. I wanted to punch him so badly.

My aunt came home and he chuckled how fat I am compared to her and how is it the young niece is bigger than the aunt. I felt so betrayed no one fucking kicked his ass.

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