What are some of your craziest experiences on the light rail or other public transportation in sacramento?

Was standing at the back of the last train pining my bike up against the conductor's door at the 65th St station after a late class at CSUS. A disheveled black man gets in at the front of the train and looks like he locks eyes with me. He puts his hand in his pocket of his bulky jacket which had something big in it and starts walking right at me with intent. The train is now moving and it's just him, an older gentlemen up front and me in the train. I start to freak out internally. As he gets closer I move myself into the stairwell with my bike now in front of me in case I have to use it as a shield. He goes right up to the window of the conductor's door with a 100 yard stare and starts rocking back and forth mumbling, "god, forgive me for what I have done and forgive me for what I'm about to do." Still with his hand in his pocket with something bulky and black. I grab my u lock ready to hit the guy with it. He pulls out the black object from his pocket and I start my backswing with my lock and I realize it's a small bible he's holding. We come up to the next station and I get out lightning quick even though I'm still 4 stops away from my place. Rode my bike back home the rest of the way. Shook from the come down of adrenaline the whole ride home.

Bonus story: Standing next to a mom sitting in the seats that face each other with her baby in a stroller. Train stops at a station and a old homeless guy gets on sits right across from her, grabs a half smoked cigarette, tries to light it unsuccessfully a few times. Security guard walks up and says he can't smoke in the train and there's a baby right on front of him. Homeless guy tells the guard to fuck off and lights his cigarette and blows it into the mom and baby's direction. Guard smacks the cigarette out of his hand and yelling match ensues. Guard calls it in and by the time we hit the next station cops are waiting and drag the guy off kicking and screaming saying he's being oppressed.

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