What are you STILL salty about?

So i wasn't the sportiest nor the most social kid in our secondary school and was quite frequently bullied by the popular kid.

Our school had some shitty little democratic system to decide who would be head of form etc. One of the positions was for the sports head who would be sorting out all of the sports day stuff. Naturally the person who had been this for the last few years had been the popular athletic guy of our form, but the popular kids fancied a bit of fun and decided I was going to be the target.

The voting day arrives and I find out that that those twats had swung the election to make me head of sports in our form, of course it was funny to everyone but I felt genuinely hurt by this. The worst part wasn't the laughter from the other kids however it was my fucking form tutor. The guy saw that I clearly upset about all this and didn't lift a fucking finger and was even laughing along with them despite the fact that this was effectively mass bullying. Still boils my blood to this day.

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