What are you STILL salty about?

After my sister graduated my mother started to work from sunday to sunday to help her pay for college.

The year after high school she didn't even asked if i wanted to go to college.

It's not like we're low on money. We live with our grandmother but we still have to struggle. Although she has a condo which we lived in when we were younger that she could put to rent and make us earn some valuable money. Yes, she legally refused on court to leave the property to me and my sister use and it's just there making us lose money.

My father was the one who cheated on her but i truly dont blame him. For he always admitted to us that he made mistakes, and it's notable that he blames himself more than anyone. She never admitted any of her mistakes and damages she caused to me and my sister, and still tries to put us against our father.

And last but not least her brother touched me when i was a kid in front of the whole family as a "joke". I yelled and cried of hate and they just laughed. She laughed.

She wasn't a mother to me ever since.

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