What are things you need to start a small business that people overlook?

The skill to solve problems and get things done.

Like, you need to be the opposite of helpless - that's the biggest one for me. There's no one to help you, no one to solve your problems but yourself.

And while complaining about the state of the world and unfair situations is important, and we should work to change unjust institutions, most likely that won't help you be successful.

So live with the cards the world dealt.

Amazon is a shitty marketplace? Sure, I agree. But that doesn't change that you'll have to operate within that, and if you can't, others will.

Find a solution within the system, as ugly as said system is.

If you can do these two things, be the opposite of helpless, and learn to deal with the world, then it's possible to get a good business going.

(Been in startups for ~7 years now, 6 bootstrapped, and now one with vc funding, so seen both sides of the coin)

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