...What are those words whispered baby

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for my behaviour & how it upset you so much. I felt abondoned by you for months when we were still together.i It still doesn't excuse in how I spoke to you when I was upset when it all came to a head. I was hurt just as much by your words too I hope you remember? Is this how a man is meant to speak to the one he loves? NO it isn't. I can't take back what I said & your right in what you did by leaving for I was wrong. I'm not perfect & I do try my best. That rare moment I got upset is just that. Rare. Twice it happened over our entire relationship? For me to lose my temper, as much as this pains me to say, you pushed me so far with what you had to say & you have lost your temper on occasions too. I'm admitting my flaw here & I live knowing that it's something you won't forgive. I've forgiven you as I don't hold onto the anguish for it will consume me as I'm not guilty & nor are you. I'm at peace now with what's happened. I believed we could have easily overcome this yet I'm wrong. I see so many other couples have way worse heated arguments than what we ever did & heaps of them. I could count ours on one hand? We were great at communicating but not on meeting the others wants or needs when we spoke about them? Alas it was our own past fears that got the better of us & you took flight & I then self sabotaged what love you had left for me dissipate? Thank you for being the One, the Woman I fell in love with unconditionally. The Woman who was my soulmate. The Woman who was my Twin Flame. Seriously you blew my mind! I could prattle on about you, U.S. or me. I've said so much & now the time for my words mean little so I'm bringing this to a close oh of respect for US. Loving you was easy for you were the woman of my dreams who became a reality. It was the shortest relationship I've had with a lover & it was the best of them all by far. To be loved with such authenticity was nothing I've ever felt. I can't thank you enough & I will always love you in my heart as that's all I can say for now for you've decided that I'm not the Man for you. I won't hope, or wish, what I will say is I have faith in knowing you will find the ONE who will be your world. Like you were to me she who loved the idea of being called my future now nonexistent Wife

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