What are your best/worst stories involving regular customers?

so there's always this Asian family that consists of the mom, two really young kids under 10, and the grandma, plus the mom's white lady friend, who always come in at lunch and we always sit them in one of our booths due to the fact that they're always either a 5-top or 6-top. And what usually happens is that the white lady friend plus one of the mom's kids comes in first and they order first, and they get the same thing everytime. Then the mom, the other kid, and the grandma come in like, 30 minutes later and put in an additional order (usually we don't allow incomplete parties but usually when they come in it's right when we open and we're absolutely dead when we first open so we let the no incomplete parties policy slide during periods when we're absolutely dead). Neither me nor another server like this family. Anyway just the other day the grandma comes in by herself and just beelines for the booth, all while ignoring the server who was temporarily acting as host until our actual host was scheduled to come in (this server knows how to host, but he wasn't our host during this particular shift). We locked eyes with a "WTF just happened"/"did you see that shit" look and since it wasn't my section, I just shrugged and said to myself, "not my section, not my problem." Later on, the mom came in with one of her kids and joined the grandma and the server who the grandma ignored (he was the server for the section she was in) commented that he was mad at the grandma but because the kid was cute he was no longer mad at that table, lol.

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