What are your biggest problem with the opposite side?

Ah, I see, so you agree you aren't smart enough to track simple conversations. Great. Did you have an answer to my followup question then?

You all sound the same

The irony of the drool all over your keyboard from this comment is that I'm pro-choice. That doesn't prevent me from playing whack a mole with the incompetents on my own side though. (In case reading comprehension is an issue again here: that's you)

You don’t know the laws you bitch about.

Hilarious irony again from the one who was shown to be materially wrong about the only legal claim you made. Late term abortions aren't only legal in the cases of danger. They gave you a link which referenced the NY bill which removed the health restriction up to 9 months...not that you would've been correct before that bill either, since several states don't have a health restriction on late term abortions.

A competent pro-choice person might make the argument that such a restriction is unnecessary, as I do, but instead we have you, someone who can't even operate the 'reply' button correctly claiming that laws which have existed for years don't exist, all while patting yourself on the back for what a stable genius you are. Literally pathetic.

Your role here is at best someone who needs to learn. You're in no position to offer any insight into this issue, because you know nothing about it, so maybe cut the "smart" talk when almost everyone here is your better.

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