What are your favorite non-tube amps that DON'T try to sound like tube amps?

Crate PowerBlock, loud and clean and takes pedals very well, also very small and very lightweight. Very portable. Doesn't have any built-in reverb, but it's got a lot of options anyway, it's got the front-end jacks, but in the back it's got a bridged-mono speaker jack for 8ohms, or two 4ohm stereo speaker jacks... it's got stereo inputs in the back for if you're connecting a preamp direct in and you control your volume via the preamp (I plug my Digitech RP500 in that way and just control the volume via the programming on there, master volume on the pedal controls how much volume is coming out of the speakers)... or alternatively there is also an RCA inputs back there labeled "CD/mp3 Input" but I've plugged keyboards/samplers/drum machines into those RCA jacks... and it's got a headphone jack on the front if you want to not plug a speaker into it and practice silently you can do that. It's also got a balanced XLR output on the back with it's own volume control so you can use it as a direct connection to the PA... and if you need an effects loop, you can plug a Y-splitter into the left side of the preamp inputs in the back and it'll turn those into an effects loop for putting delays in the loop after the front preamp gain and EQ controls. I love these amps so much I bought three of them. The Quilter Tone Block amps are quite obviously "inspired by" the original Crate PowerBlock, it was so far ahead of it's time, it's a shame the company stopped making them so quickly.

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