What are your goals for the month of November?

1) Continue working out. Biggest thing for me has been putting effort into my diet. I started really lifting consistently in July but it wasnt til early September I realized I need to eat much more than I do. Been packing on fat but I've very noticeably gained muscle too. If I accomplish nothing else but continuing my gym habits, I will be happy.

2) Finish my screenplay. Been a year and a half, scrapped it multiple times. I just want one full draft that I can go back to later, and I'm in the final parts of it.

3) Learn this simulation software. I mostly do troubleshooting and some electronic layout at work and never touch actual schematic designs, but it looks like that's going to be changing soon. This really powerful circuit simulator called MicroCap went free recently. I've been brushing up on my math and theoretical design knowledge lately, I'm gonna try to create some circuits in MicroCap and really get familiar with it so I can be a better designer.

4) Don't die in Thailand. Heading to Thailand and Cambodia at the end of the month, hope it goes well!

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